WINNER - GOLD MEDAL 2019 & 2017 and SILVER MEDAL 2018

Golden Leaf Awards - Best natural white tea blend!



Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2019


A celebration blend...
Though some say it’s Darjeeling, we consider white tea to be the champagne of the tea world. Paired here with red rose petals, this delicate, slightly sweet blend is just like a glass of bubbles and a bunch of roses after your crazy long round of applause.


A pale golden yellow, this delicate brew is pure and clarifying.

Mellow, slightly sweet with a nutty (almond) note and subtle floral rose note. Slight pepper note at the finish.

30 grams, premium organic loose leaf white tea blend.

Our gorgeous gift style canisters are handmade in Japan by skilled craftsmen at KOTODO. They are a masterpiece in themselves! With a gold metal inner plug-in lid to keep the tea ultra fresh, they are made from lead-free food grade tin steel and are of the highest quality - plus they are 100% recyclable. They are a true example of handmade excellence. You deserve the very best.


  • Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea (camellia sinensis) & Organic Red Rose Petals
    1-2 tsp per cup / Brew at 80C
    3-5 minutes / Drink plain